Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Run don’t Jog.

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After watching Amy Cuddy’s talk on body language the other day in class it got me thinking about my own. All through grade school I was involved in sports and was given the “the game is won before the whistle blows” speech. In basketball how a team runs out says a lot about them. If a team runs out of the tunnel jogging heads down and arms drawn in that team already thinks they are beat. The other team feeds off of that sense, and thrives. Just as if a team sprints out arms and head up with a boost of confidence about them that team is ready to win, and is already putting doubt into the other teams head. The same thing is accurate in everyday life though. As a woman we are already seen as the weaker and dominant sex. If we carry ourselves slumped over, head down and hands in our pockets we are already defeating ourselves. As women we need to make our selves bigger, stronger, and boastful looking. We have to keep our heads up, and go into our lives full steam. Whatever we may be facing, wither it be the interview your career depends on, or just simply making it through the day without feeling defeated. As women, we have to learn to “Run, not jog out of the tunnel”.

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