Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Love is my religion

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Before I start my actual blog post, I feel obligated to enlighten you on my thought process to this topic. I was reviewing the syllabus (because I lead such a thrilling life that entails me to review my class syllabi on a Wednesday night) and I saw that the last film we will review is Fish out of Water. I personally have not watched the film, but I am familiar with the movie and topic it covers. So I was going to blog about that general topic, then I came across the infamous Westboro Baptist Church. So even though my thought process is scattered, it moderately pertained back to a film that we will watch.

First, I must add that this lovely association is not in any way actually affiliated with the Baptist church. The merely call themselves that for unidentified reasons. This “church” spreads the word of god by simply informing people how he hates their life choices and they are going to hell (and when I call them a church, I’m using that term loosely). Some of the topics they like to “discuss” [discuss is still a loosely used word regarding this topic] are “Fags”, “Fag-enablers”, the military, fallen soldiers, children, America, and basically any individual that is not a member of the WBC (Westboro Baptist Church).

They claim to “love” homosexuals and they show their love by picketing the funerals of victims of hate crimes, such as Mathew Sheppard who was beaten ruthlessly, tied to a fence in the middle of nowhere, and left to die. But they don’t picket in the manner that you would think. They are praising god for this horrible act of hatred by holding signs that read “God Hates Fags” and essentially thanking god for the death of another human. In an interview with a member of the WBC, the interviewer asked, “Why choose homosexuals to hate? Why not child molesters or rapists?” to which the WBC member redirected the topic back to homosexuals saying the majority of child molesters and rapists are homosexual. But to the heterosexual audience, fear not because you too are going to hell with me (“fag”); Because, according to the WBC, if you do not uphold the views the members of the WBC hold, then you (my heterosexual audience) are a “Fag-enabler”.

This is obviously a very over dramatized perspective of religion, of which “Fish out of Water will touch on. However, the question I ask, is this actually a religion? Is religion merely a tool that should be utilized to justify ones hatred? I believe that many people inadvertently cogitated such. It is accurate that the Bible does state “thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination”, however, the original word used to describe homosexual acts, was not abomination, it was to’ba, which essentially meant impure or not clean. Furthermore, to use the word “fag” in the manner of which they are using, is showing that they disparage homosexuals. Is it not better to spread inform individuals about religion with love?


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