Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014


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In today’s society, there are multiple ways different people interpret the word love. For some it could mean a strong, passionate connection between, strictly, two individuals. For others, it may mean sharing the connection between more than two people. This is where polyamory comes up. Polyamory means having multiple partners, as poly means many and amor means love which, in turn, boils down to the meaning of many partners.

This is practiced today all over the world. Some people do not agree with this practice. I, for one, would not participate in anything like it due to my beliefs and that I was raised in a very traditional home where I was taught that a relationship consisted of two people only. However, I also have no place to judge or to say what is right or wrong. If someone wants to have more than one girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife, so be it. I believe that true happiness comes from within and you determine what makes you happy.



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