Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014


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In class, a discussion that brought a lot of interest to my mind and made me really think about the subject was the idea of having more than one partner in a relationship. In poly relationships, it is common for an individual to have more than one partner, and they are dating and having sexual relations with each partner within the same time frame. Now, this is all personal opinion, but I do not believe in having more than one partner at any given time. If you truly love an individual and are willing to go as far as to classify yourselves as partners, then you should have no desire to ever be with anyone else as long as that person is a part of your life. Love is a weird subject to discuss, but I personally believe that you can only truly love one individual and that there is only one individual meant to steal one’s heart completely in their lifetime. Beyond this individual that has stolen the heart of the other, there should be no desire by either partner to be involved with anyone else beyond their partner. Honestly, poly relationships to me are nothing but an excuse to be able to cheat without any consequences. I do not agree with the idea at all, and will never be able to even think about the idea without thoughts of disgust and dislike.


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