Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Gender Equality in the Military

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As I was scrolling through my facebook page the other day I came across a debate that caught my attention, “Should Women Be Allowed in Special Forces?”. Carl Higbie, a former Navy Seal, in my opinion had very few good points. Some of which included the statement he made basically saying that adding women to an already unstable line of work would be dangerous. He also made a statement saying “We’re successful as an all-male force,” Higbie said. “Nothing against women, but I think they don’t have a place there.”, which personally ticked me off. Amber Smith, combat veteran, joined in as well to sort of defend women in the military that want to be in the special forces. She had a few things to say! She stated that females should be allowed to try and assess for special ops units, as long as they meet the same standards as their male counterparts. Which I completely agree with. I feel like women that join the military know that they will constantly be compared to men. The military dresses women like men and talk to women like men so why shouldn’t women in the military be held to the same physical standards as men.

To read more about this debate and see where I got my information please feel free to follow this link:


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