Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

The Invisible War

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I do not technically consider myself a feminist and I am not  extremely passionate over most topics discussed in class, however, I was greatly affected by the film that we watched called The Invisible War. The injustice that the film brought to light about the life of many women in the service was impeccable; 20% of women veterans have been sexually assaulted! This statistic in itself is unbelievable, however 80% of women who are sexually assaulted in the military do not report it, thus the amount of women who are being sexually assaulted is even higher than we like to think! This is unbelievable and, in my opinion, an embarrassment to America! The women that are serving our country for our protection, are the same women that our country is refusing to serve and protect. For example, one woman from the film had been assaulted and raped by a man of higher rank. When she went to report the incident, the men she was reporting to thought it was some kind of a joke and did nothing to help her. If she told anyone anything, her life was in danger. After that she had to constantly live in fear throughout her entire time in the service. The assault also changed her physical life forever. Because of the force that the man punched her jaw with, she is now cursed to a life of soft and liquid diets. She is also missing out on her daughter’s childhood, because her jaw cannot withstand cold temperatures. Therefore, any playtime outside has to be at just the right temperature or the woman is forced to watch her daughter from the window. When the lady tried to report her case to the VA, she was put on hold; one year later her case had still not been reviewed. This is a prime example of “the system”  not working for the people that it needs to be working for. The people that serve our country should be the people that our “system” works the hardest for. Justice needs to be served for these women.


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