Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Invisible War

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Just like others in the class, I enjoyed Invisible war the most. It caught my attention. It is very wrong that women in the military have to deal with sexual assault. It is very wrong that the military does nothing for these women! These women fight for their country just like the men do. They do not deserve to get sexually assaulted while doing their job. They should be worried about defending this country, not defending themselves from their military coworkers. These women would also expect support from the military officials to do the right thing by punishing the sexual assaulters. Why would any women want to defend a country that doesn’t want to defend them?

It hurt my heart to see these women at their weakest and wanting to commit suicide because of this issue. No one should feel that way, they should get justice, but for some reason military officials like to hide sexual assault. It is so wrong, it truthfully changes my view on the military.


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