Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Invisible War

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I found the movie Invisible War to be very interesting. It’s both sad and infuriating that so many female marines are experiencing military sexual trauma. Like many others, I was unaware that such an alarming issue was going on. Hearing all the stories by the women in the videos talking about their own experiences was eye opening. There was a statistic mentioned that people who enter the military are twice as likely to be involved in sexual assault. By law, an individual can’t sue for the harm being done to them, so many women don’t get justice by their perpetrators. I can’t imagine the feelings these women had to go through. They did not have the option to bring their experience to court or leave where they were living, the matters were much more serious. The people in the military are tied together with a special bond and the women who got raped thought of the others as their brothers and sisters. Rape caused many women to turn to suicide, feeling that was the only way out of bearing such a burden other than going AWOL. Women had to bottle up their pain and experiences because the military wouldn’t allow them to speak out, in fear of ruining their image. Many responses to the women who did speak up were told: “that’s what they get for being in a military with men”, as if they deserved it. When someone is raped, not only is their emotional well being affected, but their relationships are impacted as well which was very clear by this video. I agree that this is an issue that should be brought to the awareness among women who are considering joining military, however, women shouldn’t have that fear in the first place. If a women wants to do the honor of serving their country, they should be able to. The government and military should be standing behind this activism, not in the way.


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