Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

The Invisible War

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Watching the movie The Invisible War opened my eyes up to what is actually happening to so many women in our military. I did not realize the atrocities that go on behind closed doors to those that I would consider our nation’s heroes. Women and men both join the service and risk their lives for their loved ones to live with freedom. When it came to the military, I had always thought that women were respected as men were since they were there for the same reasons. Knowing that the percent of incidences of rape in the military is so much higher than in our nation makes me sick. Women in the service should not have to constantly fear the people around them who they are supposed to trust the most when they are trying to protect and serve our country. The fact that this continues to happen with little restriction and penalty is mind boggling to me. This film has definitely reshaped my thinking on women joining. I hope that one day women can serve without fear.

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