Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Too Poor to Parent

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In the article we were assigned to read for week fourteen titled “Too Poor to Parent” really stuck with me. It talks about how black mothers are having their children taken away and being called guilty for the reasons. Poverty is still very real today. Many women are raising one or more children on their own and simply do not have the money. Also, some do not have the time to get multiple jobs in order to earn the money needed to survive. The story of Lisa in the article mentioned above was heartbreaking. She is a poor, black woman who was raising two young children on her own. She had contacted her landlord multiple times concerning a sewage problem but had gotten no calls returned and nothing done about the problem. She had done all she could do so she called social services to get them to do something about the landlord. When a social worker arrived, she examined the apartment to find no working lights and ruined food in the refrigerator. Lisa tried to explain that she hadn’t had the money to pay her electricity bill that month, but would have the money in a couple of weeks. The social worker promised Lisa that she would get her and her children to a shelter, but instead took her children away from her, placing them in foster care. Today’s society accuses the mothers of being bad mothers and incapable caregivers, saying that they failed to give their children enough food and proper care, but in all reality, most of these wrongly accused women were working their hardest to give their kids everything they needed. Some just truly could not. I understand that some people need help with caring for their children, but I do not believe that these women should be ridiculed and judged for something they truly have no control over. They should simply be helped by being put into a shelter or something. Also, statistics show that most foster children come from poor, single, black mothered homes than wealthy, white homes. Society wrongly judges these poor, black women who work very hard and puts all of the blame on them. We need to reach out and help them.


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