Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

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Women in the Military

A big part of living in the United States and being a “free” country is because of the military. Without the military we would not be where we are today. Many of my family members have been in the military including my dad. He was in the Desert Storm. Now that I am college I have been trying to figure out what to do for the rest of my life and my dad has mentioned going into the military. Being in the military has tons of benefits, but the only way he was even going to consider me going into the military was if I became an officer. As a woman in the military being sexually assualted is very common, especially if they are enlisted. This is why it was better to become an officer over enlisted. Although, I have decided not to go into the military, but not because there is a chance I can be sexually assaulted. I just feel like I can serve my country just as well here. If women want to go into the military I say go for it but just be aware of what could happen, and if they could become an officer they are better off anyway. Plus as an officer they make a lot more money and when they retire they are promised a job.


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The Polyamory Society

The Polyamory Society is when someone is in multiple romantic relationships. This could mean that you are open to having sexual relationships with different people while you are dating each other. They would be okay if their girlfriend or boyfriend goes out and kisses another person. This would take a lot of trust and honesty within the relationship and absolutley no jealously. It would not be a polyamory relationship if jealousy was a part of it. I do not believe in this kind of relationship. They want their partner to be happy so they allow each other to have other partners. I believe that polyamory is totally wrong, and it should be between a man and a woman. Although, if they want to have a relationship like this they can. They just need to know that not many people will accept what they are doing. But the world is changing so who knows anymore.

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How to Lose Your Virginity

The video we watched today in class, “How to lose your virginity” was very interesting. It was fascinating to hear different peoples points of views about virginity and what makes you a virgin or not. I grew up in church and I was always told to save myself for my husband, which means to not have sex until I find a man that I love and marry him. Not only did my church drill that in my head but so did my parents. In middle school, I signed a purity card. By signing the card I promised to wait until marriage to have sexual intercourse. Now that I am in college, there are not many people that are “virgins” anymore because people change and make their own choices. But what exactly makes you a virgin or not? In the video, some people said that when you lose your virginity you have vaginal intercourse, oral sex, masturbating, or even just sticking a tampon into your vagina. In my opinion, when someone loses their virginity is when a penis is inserted into the vagina. That is the only way someone can say they are not a virgin anymore is when they have vaginal intercourse. So far I have kept the promise to not have sex until I am married. Although, it is not because I grew up hearing it or I signed the card. I am saving it for someone I love, because I believe sex is a very special connection between a man and a woman. It should only be shared between someone you love.