Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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My thoughts on the movie “The help”

I recently watched the movie “The Help” in my Women’s Study Course. I don’t know if you all are familar with the movie or not but here’s a lttle back ground.  The movie is set in Mississippi in the 1960’s. Skeeter (One of the main characters) is a college graduate who returns from school determined to become a writer. She ends up causing all kinds of cahos when she decides to interview the black women (maids) who have spent their lives taking care of upper class southern families. Before i saw this movie seeing the commercials and preveiws i kept thinking to myself this is just another one of those “ye’s ah master” slave movies that’s going to make me angry. When we was obligated to watch it in class i was like well i have to now. Suprisingly it was a very delightful heart touching movie. It was more than a stupid “slave” movie, it gave me an insight on how things were back in the day for the women. Yes we’ve all seen African American civil right movies and documentaries, but they were never about the maids and the women of the 60’s. That’s what made this movie different, this movie showed me that it wasnt just hard for black women in those days, even thoug they had it the hardest. It also was a struggle for the white women. White women couldn’t be true about who they really where without being judge. It was illegal for Skeeter to go to maid’s house and talk to them. It was illegal for her to even be talking to them in public. Skeeter felt there was nothing wrong with this because deep down she wasnt a racist she loved black people one raised her. This movie touched my heart because these African American women took care of white women kids all day and some of the night. Just to make a living for their own kids, and they weren’t even appreciated. At the end of the move Aibileen (the main maid) got fired from her job and the little white child that she was raising couldn’t bare to see her leave. At some point in the movie the little girl told her “you is my real mama”. Kids barley knew their parents back then the only thing th white parents did for their kids was give them spankings. Overall this was a great movie  i reccomend it to anyone with a heart. It stir up mixed emotions all through the film you get some laughs, angry, and even some tears.


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Girls Like Harley’s


C.V Harquail posted an article on Facebook (a social networking site) on how she believe Facebook would be if it was designed by a feminists. She made many points and plenty examples. There was one statement that she made that bothered me the most I suppose. “Maybe Facebook for women would have been pink, with flowery text and pictures of cats………..Maybe Facebook designed by women would display the romantic relationship status of each user….”. There was more but these to statements should give you the main idea of what I’m getting at. I don’t know if Harquail was “joking” or serious about the things that she said but, I don’t necessary agree with her matter of fact I don’t agree with her at all. Yes women can be emotional, and express their feelings way more then needed. Not all women think like that. A lot of women are more about business than their romantic status on Facebook. The points Harquail gave maybe a high school girl may design Facebook like that, but grown women are becoming stronger when it comes to business matters. Who says that all women like flowers, cats, and pink. Me personally my favorite color id blue and I’m not that fond of flowers. Also not every women sits around and think about what there “man’ is doing. That’s not the main concentration of every woman is their personal relationship with their partner.

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“Fear of Feminism Why Young Women Get the Willies”

I read an article by Lisa Hogeland on why most young women are scared of feminism. I really would like to talk about the part when she suggest that “Young women may believe that a feminist identity puts them out of the pool for many men” The first time I read it I didn’t really understand what she was saying. I read it a second time and i realized that most feminist hate men. A lot of them concentrate their studies or agenda on how men have treated women and how women were suppose to treat a man for the past 100 of years. Also a lot of feminist are known to lesbian at least that’s what the public believe. So with that being said i can see how young girls believe that being a feminist could jeopardize their relationship with men. Most men aren’t going to want to be in a relationship with a woman who think that all men are scum of the earth, unless they share the same beliefs as a feminist which is rare. Hogeland says that being a “heterosexual feminist ” does not mean you have to give up on an intimate relationship with a man it just mean your going have to work twice as hard to maintain and balance the relationship. Don’t let you feminist views operate your life find ways to express those feelings without hurting you relationship with your partner.