Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

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Women in the Military

Another thing I never knew about was how often and usual rape is in the military. I always played around with the idea to go into speical opps and communications for the army but later decided not to because of what I learned. I do not want to constantly look over my shoulder in a career field where I am suppossed to feel comfortable. I wish there was more to do for women in the military. They deserve way more then just being written off or kicked out. The congress needs to take control and make sure the men who are causing harm are rightfully punished.


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Women Superhero

I never realized how women are not as popular in the superhero world as I thought. I was never the type to be too into superheros. So when asked or thought about superheros i normally just think of the male superheros. We need more ideal women in the superhero world besides just wonder women. Yes there are others, but we need more as popular as her. She makes women want to go out and become the best mom, worker, and more. After watching the film in class I have gotten more into the comic world and started looking at women superheros more.

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The way I was Raised

When I was younger sex was almost something my family never talked about. My moms sex talk consisted of “don’t have sex and don’t get pregnant.” She did not tell me how to protect myself if I did have sex. I agree with the film we watched in class, “How to lose your viginity” when they think it is an untalked about issue. In the video when they talked about how schools have programs but mainly focus on not having sex, instead of telling how to have safe sex, or what sex even was. The school I went to growing up also did the same thing and I believe women and men desere and need to lear things about their own bodies and if they decide to have sex, how to be smart about it.