Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Women’s Reproductive Rights

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In this blog I am choosing to write about women’s reproductive rights in society today. I believe that ANY women no matter race, age, financial situation, or even environment they grew up should be aloud to reproduce with as many children as she would like! Who are we as a society to stop a women from having a child or any more children. No matter if a women is white, black, latino, chinese, etc we should not tell them if they can have a child or how many children they are allowed to have. Any race will give there child unconditional love and help then through there life. Also any women no matter her age should be allowed a child it seems wrong to keep a women from her baby just because she’s “too old” in society. These are some of the many reason we should not be allowed to take away a women’s reproductive right. She should be able to love her child like the rest of us no matter the situation at hand. 


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